Sicon webinar: Maintaining Aging Automation

During the NVDO Sicon webinar on Maintaining Aging Automation (September 29, 2020), we take the dipstick in the market, look at the current situation and discuss the possibilities of keeping the knowledge of/for older systems available. 

We will look at the different aspects of Aging Automation Management with the following speakers:

Ron Verleun of Kuijpers Industry talks about knowledge management for automation at customers in the industry. When does a client switch to a new system and how does he keep the old one going?

Peter Goeijenbier from SupportPoints shares his vision and experience in finding and exploiting old knowledge and valuable experiences for technical automation. A lot of knowledge flows out while the need does not diminish.

Jacqueline de Waal from Emerson Automation Solutions explains how long process automation can be maintained by a supplier.

Does this seem interesting for you? You can register via this link.

Date: September 29, 2020  Time: 15:00 – 16:30 PM  |  Note: this is a Dutch spoken event

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