In order for us to explain the process and the terms used in the process, a short explanation of the terms:

  • Client: a company who is in need for (PLC) knowledge and/or support.
  • Expert: a person or company with PLC knowledge.
  • Open jobs: are visible for every expert who meets the requirements of these jobs (knowledge of brand, type etc). The open jobs are visible until the client reaches an agreement with an expert.
  • Expert selection jobs: are only visible for expert(s) selected by the client.
  • Rating and reviews: jobs are rated by the client and the client can review your achievements
  • Fixed rate: jobs can be done with a fixed rate or estimated hours for the job. A fixed rate means that the job is fully carried out for that amount.
  • Estimated hours/hour rate: in contrast to a fixed rate you can perform the job for an estimated number of hours against your specified hourly wage. If the first estimation isn’t sufficient, a new estimation can be made in consultation with the client.

First thing to do: get verified!

Being part of the SupportPoints team gives you the opportunity to become a verified technical expert. After subscription you immediately receive an email with a test link (please check your spambox in case you haven’t received anything). All you have to do is fill in a PLC- related questionnaire. This questionnaire will take no more than 15 minutes. Once you pass the test your status will be raised to ‘verified’ expert. This status shows our clients that you have SupportPoints’ full trust. By becoming a verified expert, you increase your chances of being selected by our clients to perform their PLC jobs.

Note: If you did not receive the email after 5 days you can send a request to and we will help you further. It is possible the email may end up in a different folder like your spam, social promotions or forums folder so make sure to keep an eye out for the email.

What’s next?

  1. After registration you can login to your personal page. You will find everything you need here. You can manage your skills, jobs, urgent jobs, hourly rate, invoices, payment details, status and reviews. If you select the option ’urgent request’ which means you can start immediately or ASAP, you will receive an SMS-notification when an urgent request becomes available.
  2. In the chat you can choose the language you and the client prefer. Keep in mind though that the initial texts for the agreements need to be in English.
  3. Make sure you will be able to support the clients flawlessly. You can prepare yourself by checking error lists. Use the answers to the questions that the customer has already filled in to get an idea of the situation.
  4. In the chat with the client, you get the option to agree on hourly rate or a fixed price. It is wise to select a fixed price if the scope of the problem is clear or if a quick solution is possible. Otherwise, we recommend working with an hourly rate.
  5. Once the client and you agree on an hourly rate, you need to give a provisional estimate of the required time for the job. The estimated time and your hourly rate will form the budget of the task.
  6. After the client accepts, a provisional agreement will be created. Hereafter follows the final contract which both parties must accept.
  7. Subsequently, the client must transfer the payment to SupportPoints and you will be notified of this. Only then can you start the task.
  8. Please note that if you start working before the final contract is accepted, there is no guarantee that you will get paid.
  9. Does it look like you’re going to surpass the amount of hours you indicated in your provisional estimate? You can suggest a new estimate for additional hours.
  10. If the job is completed or if you cannot get any further, you need to close the job. The client must also close the job. Note: if there is no working solution, make sure you have helped the client to find a solution. You can only attract new clients if your previous clients are satisfied. As they can show their appreciation by reviewing your support, make sure to help the client to the best of your abilities.
  11. Finally, you will receive your payment (minus the 15% fee of SupportPoints) and you can review the job and client.
  12. If the support was unsatisfactory you (client or expert) can object to the payment. Do this within 24 hr after closing the job. Send an e-mail to and we will assist you.

Do you want to know more about how to get jobs on our platform? We listed 6 tips in this article.

Since many of you have done PLC jobs, we greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have for improving our process. Please send them to We depend on your input to improve.