One question has been popping up a lot lately. Why does SupportPoints only support Siemens, ABB and Allen Bradley? It’s very simple: we’ve started with systems we can really support.

Although a platform like SupportPoints is new and one of a kind, we’re also a bit conservative. This means we will only support a service when we can fully support it. At SupportPoints we operate with a quality-driven mindset. After all, we believe that if you cannot deliver what you promise, you cannot call yourself a professional.

After taking a look at all the additional information the experts added to their profiles we came to a conclusion. There are plenty of experts with knowledge of Schneider PLC’s. That’s why we proudly present the addition of Schneider PLC’s to our portfolio. We ask our clients to please have some patience while our experts with Schneider knowledge add this to their portfolio. Schneider Electric was previously known under names like AEG, Gould, Telemecanique, Modicon and Elau.

A request to all of our valued experts: please add your Schneider knowledge to your portfolio and become part of the solution! We expect this to be a valuable addition to the portfolio of SupportPoints and that it will result in an even wider use of our platform.