Saas company MySupportSuite launches new company software

Today, every company requires a software platform for staff to communicate and to streamline all company work processes. Knowledge is a core commodity, thus having a solid knowledge sharing tool is key. The MySupportSuite software package is an easy-to-navigate, ready-made platform, where staff can chat and share jobs, invoices, and expertise. To tailor to the workflow and branding of any company MySupportSuite is customizable. The suite also allows companies to establish knowledge sharing channels with suppliers, investors, clients, expert advisors, freelancers, and industry partners.

MySupportSuite is designed for two-sided markets and facilitates information sharing, communication, negotiation, contract, and invoice streams. Customizable to allow for company branding, this platform is suitable for a multitude of industries. Features include chat, image and video sharing, contract, billing, and review options, and the creation of communication channels and topics to cater to all aspects of the day-to-day running of companies large and small.

Brand and workflow integration allows companies to tailor the platform to their specific requirements. The software is designed to create seamless communication between departments and staff while also providing the tools for everyday work processes. Over and above internal company mechanisms and work streams, MySupportSuite also provides the software tools to interchange knowledge with clients, suppliers, and advisors.

The connectivity tools allow for the creation of a communication and collaboration platform between the company and suppliers, legal advisors, clients, investors, freelancers, technical support teams, and industry partners.

MySupportSuite is an easy-to-set-up, user-friendly, and customizable software platform featuring a host of features for the streamlining of internal and external company communication and collaboration processes. Brand integration, as well as feature customization to meet specific industry and company needs, lie at the core of the software.

Saas company MySupportSuite launches new company software

About MySupportSuite:

MySupportSuite is a company based in Leiden, The Netherlands. The company has helped countless startups and well-established businesses to create stronger workflows and better lines of communication. MySupportSuite is a brand of Ask-The-Expert BV, the owner

Interested? Visit our website here or request for more information via or you can give us an call +31 6 389 38411 and we’re happy to tell you more about it.

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