PLC Component: Repair or Replace, the ultimate question

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) play a critical role in ensuring smooth and efficient industrial operations. PLC components are designed to be robust and withstand extreme temperatures, vigorous vibrations, electrical noise, dust, and humidity in industrial environments. Despite that, they can breakdown and lead to costly downtime. This is why it is important to conduct regular checks and proper maintenance.

Unfortunately, some PLC failures and breakdowns are inevitable even when the PLC is well taken care of. To minimize the effects of downtime, you can seek the services of reliable PLC support providers such as SupportPoints. Via such providers you can access a quick and effective remedy in case of a breakdown. If your PLC fails, you’ll also need to determine very quickly whether you have to repair or replace the equipment.

Should You Replace Faulty PLC Components or the Entire PLC System?

According to Automation, a majority of PLC system failures are attributed to faults with PLC input/output (I/O) modules and field devices, ground integrity, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Ground integrity can be addressed by reducing resistance in PLC ground terminals or tightening loose connections while EMI requires additional shielding or relocation of the equipment away from electrical noise. Therefore, faulty I/O and field devices are the main causes of PLC failures related to internal components. This means that you can remedy a majority of hardware-related failures by replacing the faulty I/O module or field device, instead of replacing your entire PLC system. Fixing PLC failures attributed to faults with I/O modules is relatively straightforward.

Diagnosing the faulty modules to be replaced, however, requires the help of a company such as SupportPoints that will give you access to some of the most experienced tech experts in PLC systems. In regards to the PLC components, you can exploit the advantages of buying used PLC parts online directly from reliable manufacturers such as Allen Bradley PLC, Siemens, ABB, and Schneider Electric.

What are the Advantages of Buying Used PLC Components?

From cost-effectiveness to accessibility, to reliability, to eco-friendliness, used PLC components offer a wide range of benefits.

✔ Used PLC components are cost-effective

The main advantage of used PLC parts is its cost-effectiveness over new components. The fact that these PLC components are not brand new means that they are resold at a lower price. You can reduce your PLC-repair costs by buying used PLC components. Although several third-party vendors offer used PLC components via online platforms, they can hike the prices depending on supply and demand to acquire higher profits. Buying directly from manufacturers eliminates the charges over and above the used-price set by the maker.

✔ ✔ Access to the main parts of the PLC system

Additionally, buying used components from the manufacturer offers you access to all the main parts of the PLC system. The availability of main parts of a PLC in a single online platform is a major time-saver in case more than one component of your PLC is damaged. It eliminates the time wasted running from one third-party vendor to another in search of the parts.

 ✔ Used PLC parts are certified and reliable

Since the PLC parts are used, manufacturers retest them and rectify any defects and damages to ensure they are as reliable as new. Once the used PLC components have been retested and passed all functionality tests, the manufacturer certifies them for reselling.

✔ Reusing PLC components is eco-friendly

According to a UN report, the volume of electronic waste produced per year globally is on track to reach 120 million tons by 2050. This highlights the urgency to adopt a circular economy in which resources are reused to reduce environmental degradation. Reusing used PLC parts offers your organization an opportunity to become eco-friendly and contribute to the protection of the environment.

If you are seeking reliable PLC support technicians with the expertise and experience to cater to your tech-needs, you can be assured that SupportPoints will deliver.

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