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Partner with SupportPoints
– open a new stream of revenue

Are you able to target the right customers and generate leads? Join our partner program and start earning attractive compensation as a Sales Representative for SupportPoints.

SupportPoints Partnership

  • Connect to the first online PLC support network.

  • Get access to training and tools to learn everything about our platform.

  • Earn 250,- EUR (excl. VAT) compensation for the first enrolled customer.

  • Earn 10% commission of the support fees spent in the first year by each customer that you enroll.

How to become a partner?

Benefits of the partner program

  • Enroll your first customer to the platform and receive 250,- EUR (excl. VAT)

  • Earn 10% commission of the support fees spent in the first year by each customer that you enroll.

  • Get professional sales support and access to presentations, explanatory videos, and a digital media kit with promotional materials.

  • Determine your own work schedule and work remotely.

  • Expand the SupportPoints network and join in on future sales opportunities.


Become a SupportPoints Partner?

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Incentive Compensation

Will I receive an invoice?2020-07-30T15:06:24+02:00

The invoice of the one-off fee will be sent after the successful completion of the first assignment.

Are there any costs associated with the program?2020-07-30T15:07:40+02:00

There are no costs associated with the program, it is completely free of charge to become and stay our sales partner.

How will payout occur?2020-07-30T15:08:19+02:00

Payout of the one-off fixed fee (EUR 250,- excl. VAT) will occur after completion of the first successful assignment of the enrolled customer. Payout of the incentive compensation for the support job fees of the first year will occur at the end of the period counting from the date of enrollment. Payout will be via PayPal.


Am I eligible for the program?2020-07-30T15:09:30+02:00

If you have a background in Industrial IT and know at least one company that could benefit from online PLC support, you are a suitable candidate for our partner program.

I did not receive my confirmation email. What should I do?2020-07-30T15:10:42+02:00

This could potentially occur. Please send an email to and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Note that the confirmation email may have landed in your spam box, so please check this first.

Why was my enrolled client/company rejected?2020-07-30T15:11:43+02:00

Submissions can be rejected based on criteria such as incompleteness or unsuitableness like military supporting companies.

How long is my submission valid?2020-08-03T14:51:00+02:00

The enrollment of a client is valid for a maximum of 30 days.

I do not have the required contact information of the client, what should I do?2020-08-10T11:30:04+02:00

This is necessary to participate in the program. Mandatory information: name, contact person, function title, official company email address (hotmail/gmail/yahoo is not allowed). Without this information, the enrolled client is not valid.

Note: the email address ( …@company ) should be the same as the company name.

Can I enroll multiple clients?2020-07-30T15:16:30+02:00

There is no limit on the number of clients that you can enroll.

Terms and Conditions

To avoid misunderstandings, we want to be transparent about our terms and conditions. Please take the time to read them carefully before submitting the registration form. This way you will know what to expect from us and if you receiving the one-fee and to earn a commission.

  • It is not possible to enroll the same client multiple times. SupportPoints will check every submission request. Duplicate entries will be rejected on that basis.
  • The submitted company needs to register on the SupportPoints platform within 30 days. In the event a company does not sign within 30 days; the submission request and also the chance to receive the one-fee will expire.
  • It is mandatory to submit the full legal name, function title, and company email address of the contact (no private or generic email addresses e.g. /, etc).
  • Note: the email address ( …@company ) should be the same as the company name.
  • The submitted company is required to register through the supplied company address that was provided by the sales partner.
  • Excluded organizations and industries: Governmental organizations like the military, police department and intelligence agencies are excluded from participation. 
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