SupportPoints will participate at the conference of Aging Assets on 17 september this year. Expect many practical cases, but also industry leaders come to tell you how to perform a good inspection or check parts. At this conference a lot of attention is paid to the human side: how do you increase the influx of technical personnel, retain your good people and deploy them more effectively? The most important result: a realistic estimate of the state of your industrial and human assets.

Founder of SupportPoints Peter Goeijenbier will talk about the world of platforms. Because of his many experience in sectors from: energy generation, hospital, pharma, water production, heavy steel, offshore oil & gas, biomass, energy distribution to a water board, he has gained a lot of knowledge. His experience in various levels in diverse organizations have given him a clear picture of the consequences of outdated assets and knowledge as well as capacity problems. What does he see as hazards for the future ans specifically for the world of aging assets? For example, how does the digitale age respond to this?

He would like to take you into a journey of using platforms as a metaphor to get support for obsolete PLC’s and also reducing downtime. Do you want to participate at the Conference of Aging Assets? Buy your ticket today at and who know we might see you there!

Location conference of Aging Assets:
Van der Vlaklaan van Europa 1600
3317 DB Dordrecht