Is online support safe?

Online technical support offers many advantages. However, we often get the question of whether it is completely safe? Are our trade secrets safe? These questions are understandable. Cybersecurity is a much-discussed item within Industrial IT.

Cybersecurity is a growing concern among manufacturers, with new strains of ransomware and viruses being created every week. Confidentiality of information, the integrity of data, and the availability of automated systems are the three pillars with which we want to guarantee measures against cybercrime within companies. Within industrial cybersecurity, it is crucial to identify and analyze risks. Operational Technology networks (OT) are vulnerable to viruses like Stuxnet, Industroyer, and NonPetya.

However, it should be noted that viruses, online attacks, and hacks differ very significantly from the risks of online third-party support. Firstly, the starting point is different: If there is a problem, you actively seek help yourself. If it concerns shared information, then it means you are in control of the information, and the choice is yours whether you share it or not. It is not that a hack goes unnoticed, or there is a malfunction on your PLC/bus system, and your business information is not relevant, but it means that only the technical information to get your process running again needs help.

To put it in perspective: Online support from SupportPoints is specialized knowledge help, and the support is paid, and it is based on the initiative of your own staff.

• The expert is not anonymous but is rated and chosen based on their experience and performance.
• The contact is only between the client and the external expert, not directly with the system.
• The contact is via chat; all other communication is excluded.
• The support request is recorded and can be transferred to the client for quality and security purposes.

Therefore, it is impossible to break in or steal information because there is no access to the system that contains your information.

Remote Access is only possible for selected companies and support parties:
• When using a remote access application, you can watch every step.
• Remote access is only allowed for self-selected parties.
• You can use a view-only mode or disconnect the remote access if you see something suspicious, even though this would be very unlikely.

In Summary: online support from SupportPoints is safe because you stay in control!

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