How to hire an experienced PLC programmer?

Your company’s ability to provide exemplary products and services is only as good as your industrial digital computers maintaining control of your manufacturing processes. Is your company starting to lose time and work orders because of a PLC problem? If you’ve ever lost a couple of hours, a day, or even more time due to PLC issues, it may be time for you to hire a knowledgeable and experienced PLC programmer.

When you’re dealing with real-time systems that use input conditions to give you output result readings, every timeline or deadline for a customer counts. Your company depends on high-reliability control and ease of programming. Thus, your process fault diagnosis has to be almost instantaneous.

Many times a standstill in operations for a company will revolve around drives, VFDs, Motors, or other types of electro-mechanical equipment. You need a solution to prevent such standstills and the solution we recommend is by hiring a PLC programmer who ensures efficient solutions to complex industrial problems. Read on to discover how to (temporarily) hire a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced PLC programmer for your company.

What is a PLC?

PLC is an acronym that stands for a programmable logic controller. In layman’s terms, PLCs are small computers connected to machines and they monitor input from sensors. Based on this information, the PLC interacts with and controls the outputs. When a PLC ages out or breaks down, your company can no longer make decisions using the sensor input about external events and environmental conditions. To prevent this from happening, the best thing is to have a PLC programmer regularly maintain and update your PLCs. PLC programmers can design and program plc controlled systems utilizing ladder logic.


Why do you need a PLC programmer?

It’s a given that many companies need to update their aging legacy systems and it becomes more and more urgent as system hardware increases in complexity. That’s when everything starts to change from regulations to migrations of data. Every single one of those changes is costly and very time-consuming if your company can’t do it efficiently.

That’s why companies frequently put off until next year what they can do today. Because in the end, who wants to deal with all the trouble it takes to hire a PLC programmer? The problem is that it’s common for companies to think that way until they’re faced with increased downtime.

When your company faces increased downtime, that means you’re making less revenue. When this happens and an automated system breaks down altogether, the next step to take is to hire a PLC programmer.

Almost everywhere you go, or everything you do has some form of automation in it. The result of all this automation is PLC programmers are hot and in demand on the job market. There’s no doubt PLC programmers are the superheroes of the automated world.

What are companies looking for?

When hiring a PLC programmer, your ideal candidate will provide you with support whenever you need it. Today’s working world is too busy for companies to have to worry about how to find the right expert. At the same time, however, they do want the option of being involved in the selection process.

When hiring a PLC technician through a staffing agency most companies want the option of paying a fixed price or paying for time-based support. They also want a PLC programmer expert that can meet their specific PLC needs. Next to that, you’ll want to consult with a staffing company that provides experts that have worked with major brands. Perhaps you’re looking for someone who has worked with a Siemens PLC? Or you need someone with experience with Allen Bradley systems, hmi programming or hmi applications.

What also commonly happens, is that the PLC programmer is also needed for a couple of weeks or months. Conversely, sometimes a company will to keep them on under a multi-year contract. Other requirements companies usually have are:

  • A specific amount of years of experience;
  • Experience in the configuration of HMI;
  • Versed in working with mechanical and electrical engineers;
  • Experience in helping design high-tech industrial automation.

Process of hiring a PLC expert

The biggest advantage of hiring a PLC expert through a staffing agency is that they’ve all been reviewed. The ideal staffing company has already taken care of all the pre-employment background checks and tested the programmer’s experience.

Not only that, you want the staffing company to offer PLC programmers able to meet and execute project directives from Fortune 500 multi-office integrators to small businesses. Viable PLC programmers should be a resource pool you can draw from and deploy when you need them. Once you review the qualifications needed from a cross-sampling of PLC programmers, it’s easy to see why they are in such high demand.

What are the advantages of hiring a PLC programmer?

Employing a PLC programmer gives your company critical growth and development options. PLC programmers are the hidden weapon in the world of PLCs. Getting them to work within days of you needing them keeps your company on the cutting edge and competitive. It’s the PLC programmer that’s able to process every detail of well-executed industrial automation that help lead companies to overall success.

A company usually needs experience with automation or engineering sometimes in AutoCAD. Using an expert PLC programmer often means your company now has someone who can handle multiple projects and jobs simultaneously. The PLC programmer will simulate, test, and debug machine control systems in-house and at end-user facilities.

The PLC programmer will be able to do that while coordinating with your customer base for customer-focused solutions and programs. A common requirement for PLC programmers is they have to be able to travel wherever or whenever your company mandates.

Where Are These Esteemed PLC Programmers?

Some online job platforms provide a way companies can post a PLC programmer job. These online job platforms will help you find a PLC programmer that meets your job definition. Some of the most esteemed PLC programmers are hiding in plain sight within exemplary staffing source solutions companies. These are the companies that already know I/O requirements, hardware sizing, and the required testing you’ll need to prevent migration process headaches.

Companies that use PLC tools for vetting PLC programmer candidates that you can use for carrying out the most complex and coded migrations. Many companies can provide you with PLC programmers that you can hire. It’s important to note; there are only a couple of online job platform staffing agencies that rise to the top and give you PLC programmers that help prevent downtime for your company.

The Way Forward with Your PLC Programmer Needs

If you want to know more about finding the best PLC programming support, you have come to the right place. SupportPoints has instant online technical support for any of your PLC needs. We work with PLC programmers from an international community of experts. What’s more, we have support available for up to the 45 languages.

PLC programmer experts will help you overhaul an entire PLC system or meet one specific PLC need. Whichever programming experiences you need, you will find someone in our pool of experts who has it. Reach out to SupportPoints for information and resources you didn’t even know you needed. We are dedicated to making your company better today than it was yesterday.

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