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1. Make a subscription

Make a subscription (free of charge), only pay until you get support. After subscription, you receive a verification email which will lead you to your personal page where you can enter and manage your support requests, password, and invoices. It is also the starting point for support requests. You can use the technical support agent from the chat to guide you to the process.

2. Post a request

Use the “Post a request” button in your personal page to get support. Enter your system and the nature of your request: malfunction or modification. If needed, enter acceptance criteria.

In case of malfunctioning select “urgent request” and selection of experts, this will lead you directly to the suitable experts. When you have more time (software modification) you can choose “open job” in this way the experts will reach out to you. 

3. Select the expert of your choice

The suitable experts can be filtered on the basis of rating, hour rate, language, and companies/individuals. The selection gives detailed information about the expert.

Choose one or more experts (second opinion possible) post a request and you are directly guided to the chat.

4. Receive support

In the chat you have direct contact with the expert, you can agree on an hour-base or a fixed fee. Agreements and payments are generated automatically. In the chat you can exchange text, documents, photo/screenshots and films are supported. After the support a rating/review can be given to rate the support.