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After the registration (which is free of charge), you will get access to the SupportPoints platform within minutes. Having access to the platform means that you can accept and work on PLC related issues or request software modifications whenever it suits you. If one of our clients request support for something that matches your profile, you will get notified and if you and the client agree on the task and cost, you can start to work and are guaranteed to get paid through our platform.

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What’s Next?
  • After registration you can log in your personal page. Your personal page is the entrance to all the things you need on SupportPoints. You can manage your skills, jobs, urgent jobs, hourly rate, invoices, payment details, status and reviews. With the option of urgent requests (start immediately or ASAP), you will receive an SMS-notification when an urgent request becomes available. 
  • From your personal page you can see available requests and enter chat windows about new requests or ongoing tasks. Initially your expert status will be set to: 'not verified', after completing our short verification test your status will be raised to 'verified'. From there you can achieve the statuses bronze, silver and gold, that are all depending on the ratings you receive on the completed tasks.
  • You can choose the language you and the client prefer in the chat, but the initial texts for the agreements need to be in English.
  • Make sure you know how you are going to support, prepare yourself by checking error lists etc.
  • In the chats with the clients, you get the option to agree on hourly rate or a fixed price support. It is wise to select a fixed price if the scope of the problem is clear or if a quick solution is possible, else working with an hourly rate would be advised.
  • If it is agreed to work based on an hourly rate, you need to give a provisional estimate of the required time. The estimated time and your hourly rate will form the budget of the task. After acceptance by the client, a provisional agreement will be created. After this step, the client must make the payment to SupportPoints and you will be notified of this. Hereafter follows the final contract which both parties must accept. Only then can you start the task.
  • Please note that if you start working before the final contract is accepted, there is no guarantee that you will get paid.
  • Chats are recorded for mediation purposes, it is not allowed to give support outside the chat, (email, Whatsapp, etc)
  • If the hours of the first estimate have been used, you can suggest a new estimate for additional hours.
  • If the job is completed or if you cannot get any further, you can close the job. The client must also close the job. Note: if there is no working solution, make sure you have helped the client to find a solution. Only with satisfied customers you can attract new customers, there will be a review of your support.
  • Following is your payment (minus the 15% fee of SupportPoints) and you can give a review of the job / client.

Please look at the explanation of the support process on the news page: Brief explanation of the support process (