Women in Technology: benefits of hiring more women in tech

Technology has advanced tremendously in the past two decades. But old and backward norms have already taken hold in various sectors of the industry. For one, the old tale of women being sidelined is repeating itself in the tech industry. Just like other industries, the number of women in tech reduces gradually from the classroom to the boardroom as numerous hurdles and challenges impede entry and excellence in the field. 


Despite the challenges, some of the women who have been given opportunities in technology have broken the glass ceiling rising to top-level management with a handful setting up their own companies. You can contribute to the advancement of women in tech by hiring more women into your company’s IT department. Another option is to  contract more tech support services to tech companies owned by women.

Improve earnings and profitability

Advocating for more positions for women in tech is not based on a selfish agenda to advance the interests of women only but also to improve the operations and earnings of your business. A survey by McKinsey revealed that 38% of companies improved their earnings by investing in initiatives supporting women at the workplace.

And it is not just about improving your earnings but also profitability. A survey of 22,000 firms globally by the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that increasing gender diversity in companies led to a 15% increase in profitability.

Increase skill diversity, productivity, creativity, and innovation

Having more women higher up in management will also increase skill diversity within your company. With highly diversified skills come higher productivity, creativity, and innovativeness. This is because collaborating individuals of different genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and races nurture out-of-the-box thinking by onboarding different thinking strategies. Also, highly diversified teams bring in a wealth of knowledge needed to understand various pain points of the target market and demographic.

Reduce gender discrimination

It is absurd for any organization to claim that they stand against gender discrimination without having a gender-balanced workforce. As we all know, fighting gender discrimination requires insight from those affected directly by this form of discrimination. To this end, hiring more women will enhance the efforts of your organization to combat and reduce gender discrimination from top to bottom. Having more women improves the image of your company and will increasingly do so in the future where gender equality and diversity will be key to success.

Improve competitiveness, team dynamics, and work environment

It is undeniable that the battle of sexes is ingrained deep in our DNA as each gender seeks to outdo the other. With increased competition comes higher participation and productivity. Increasing the number of women in your company can also strengthen team dynamics because they are more skilled in integrating mulitple people’s ideas into one. This strength of a woman optimizes the decision-making process.

Hiring women in tech-related positions can also improve the work environment since they are more equipped to relate through empathy and appreciation. In case of conflict in the workplace, a woman’s listening ear and willingness to communicate and address the needs of other people will come in handy in resolving the dispute.

We all need more tech talent

Currently, the world needs more tech talent. Even though the number of women in tech is still very small, they are spread across the industry from lower-skilled levels to executive positions. Exploiting the ever-increasing number of women in tech is a sure way to address the widening gap between tech talent in your workforce and tech-needs of your company.

Why should you hire more women for tech support?

A majority of women can multi-task, allowing them to focus and accomplish different tasks simultaneously. The ability to multi-task and multi-focus is particularly important for tech support, where various activities have to be undertaken simultaneously. For example, tech support for a programmable logic controller (PLC) requires the service provider to focus on monitoring both input and output devices. Hiring women for PLC support will enable your company to acquire the accuracy and flexibility you need for fast and accurate decision-making within a short period.

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