An important message to all SupportPoints experts:

We added all PLC brands to our portfolio. However, more and more requests appear from brands and types that we did not (yet) support. In this way, we are not meeting our goal: the support platform for PLC and bus systems, support for every request, and enough work for all experts. That is why we have added the following brands:

  1. Altus
  2. Bachmann
  3. Baumueller
  4. Beckhoff
  5. Bedrock Automation
  6. Bosch Rexroth
  7. Controllino
  8. Crouzet
  9. Delta
  10. Dold
  11. Eaton (Moeller)
  12. Emerson (GE, GE Fanuc, Bristol Babcock)
  13. Enertron
  14. Eurotherm
  15. Fatek
  16. Festo
  17. Fuji Electric
  18. Galil
  19. Hitachi
  20. Honeywell
  21. Horner
  22. IDEC
  23. JTEKT Toyoda
  24. Keyence
  25. Kinco
  26. KoYo (Kostac
  1. LS Electic
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. National Instruments
  4. Omron
  5. Opto22
  6. Panasonic
  7. Parker Automation
  8. Phoenix Contact
  9. Pilz
  10. Qube Solutions
  11. Red Lion
  12. SAIA Burgess
  13. Shenzhen Coolmay
  14. Sigmatek
  15. Sontheim
  16. TCI
  17. Toshiba
  18. Turck
  19. Unitronics
  20. Velocio
  21. Wago
  22. Wecon
  23. Weidmueller
  24. Yaskawa (VIPA)
  25. Yogawa

Adding Brands to your personal page:

On your personal SupportPoints-page, please mark the brands you are experienced in, this does not have to be 100%, but at least you should feel comfortable supporting some of the brand’s systems. If you receive a support request, you can always look at the description of the problem, and if the problem or system is outside your area of expertise, you can still decline the request and indicate that you do not master this problem or system and for example mention that you are willing to help if no suitable expert is found. This will keep the door open and if the client cannot find a better expert, he might still come back to you for help. You could also advise the client to take a second opinion and ask another expert for help, as two always know more than one.

Because this is a big list of brands, we have added a short description of how you can add them to your competencies in your personal SupportPoints-page.

If you have experience in other brands that would be a good addition to our platform, please send your suggestion to Please remember that this list covers PLC/IPC systems, but we do not yet support Safety PLC’s online.

Any questions?
Send them to and we’re happy to help you!

The SupportPoints Team

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