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Do you have a PLC problem or need a software modification? Get help from our international network of PLC experts. SupportPoints matches clients with our international community of PLC experts to assist them with their specific PLC needs for obsolete and more recent systems. We also provide support for communication protocols, interfaces and networks.

Why join SupportPoints?

SupportPoints, the only online platform where you can get 24/7 PLC support for all PLC systems both recent and legacy/obsolete.

Get matched with experts from our international community that can assist you with specific PLC needs.

All PLC brands supported: both legacy/obsolete and more recent PLC’s. More information about our supported brands? Click here.

Select who you want to work with, either post a request or directly reach out to one of our rated experts.

Flexible payment options: agree on a fixed-price or hourly rate support, no subscription fees, only pay when you actually need support.

How does it work?

You are in good company

Key features


Get 24/7/365 instant online support and let our PLC experts do the work. More than 45 languages supported.

post a job

Post a PLC job or reach out to our rated PLC experts directly. Second (or more) opinion possible.

fixed price

Agree on a fixed price or time based work with the PLC expert/company you select.

payment risk

No payment risks; SupportPoints secures the payment. Different payment options possible.


Request PLC support 24/7/365 from our international community of PLC experts and select the expert that you want to work with.

no fee

No subscription fee required! SupportPoints is only paid through a fee that is already in the price that PLC experts offer you.

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